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Musik und Android, interessanter Artikel

06.02.2015: Weitere News zu Android und Audio/Musik.

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Hier noch ein aktueller (Herbst 2014) Artikel zum Thema Audio-Latenz. Die soll nun wirklich viel besser sein mit “Lollipop” dem neuesten Android-Betriebssystem: http://ulrichtausend.com/smartphonemusik/#latenzproblem. Da für meine Geräte noch kein Update zur Verfügung steht muss ich mich noch ein wenig (?) gedulden um es selber zu testen.

Schon ein wenig älter aber trotzdem interessant http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2012/09/17/what-is-audiobus-how-will-it-change-mobile-music-making/ 

vor allem der folgende Abschnitt:

Synthtopia: Mobile music making technology is changing very quickly. What do you see as the future of music making on iOS? And do you think Android or Windows 8 devices will be able to challenge the iPad and iPhone anytime soon?

Sebastian Dittmann: I’m very sure there’s going to be more connectivity and compatibility with iOS devices from major manufacturers of music hardware as iOS becomes more popular with musicians.

Google has made some steps in the right direction with a lower latency audio implementation in Android 4.1, but the only devices supporting that in a decent way have almost no market-share. When we’re talking about iOS and music we’re mainly talking about the iPad – a tablet – and Android tablets make up less than 3% of all Android devices.

Until that changes and Google finds a way to stop fragmentation on Android in a way that gives developers a quasi-standard device specification to develop for, without having to test on 40+ Android devices, the music app market on Android won’t be able to compete with the music app market on iOS.

Windows 8 has a long road ahead before it can prove that it’s a viable market for developers. That’s all I can say about it since I’m not a fan of speculation.

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